2017-2018 Skating Schedule

Tuesday, October 16, 2018 - Friday, March 29, 2019
(No skating Dec 25-Jan 4, March 12-15)

CanSkate:                                 Tuesday                 Thursday

Little Canskate                          6:30-7:00              6:30-7:00

CanSkate                                   6:30-7:20          

Second Night of Canskate                                     6:30-7:20
(must skate both nights)                                                         

Intro to Figure Skating              6:30-7:00              5:30-6:20

Figure Skating:                          3 night options for figure skating

                                                         Tuesday              Thursday                Friday      
                                                                                                              (no group lessons)
All Figure Skaters:                            4:30-6:20            4:30-6:20             4:00-5:50             

Star Skate 1-5's: 2 group lessons and a stroking lesson on Tues & Thurs (this group includes any skater that has not passed their JR Bronze/Star 5 Dance and Skills)

Senior/Star Skate 6+: 1 group freeskate lesson and a stroking lesson on Tues &Thurs - no other group lessons (this group inculudes any skater JR Bronze level and above)

         Private, semi-private or small group lessons are recommended for all skaters on figure skating ice, and are required if your skater wishes to compete in any competition. 

We will be offering small group (3-5 skaters) lessons: these are in addition to group lessons provided in the regular program and will run from October 16th to February 21st. For 1 15 minute lesson/week it is $65/skater for two small group lessons/week it is $115/skater.

Private or semi-private lessons may still be arranged but you must do that with a coach directly yourself, and make payments directly to the coaches. These should be arranged before the season begins, as the coaches schedules may fill up fast. Fees are set by the coaches. 

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