Saturday 15 November 2014

Do you have any Questions?

Fundraising Chocolates:  The chocolates that you had purchased as the fundraising fee for registration will be distributed within the next couple of weeks.

All jackets that were ordered should be available by Christmas.
Want to skate 2 nights/week?:  If any of your skaters are one night a week skaters and would like to skate 2 nights a week, please see Patty or Teresa.  The additional cost to go to 2 nights a week for the Canskate program is $90.  ($55 for the little Canskate program). 
If you know of anyone still interested in joining Little Canskate or Canskate, let them know they can still do that.
What Dressing Room To Use Each Night: Just a reminder to check the white board on the right side of the entrance when you come into the arena for what dressing room to use each night, as it can change.
Parent Information Meeting:  We will be holding a parent information session for each program shortly.  Dates to be advised.  But if you have questions, please just ask, you don't have to wait for the meeting. 
Happy Skating!

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