Tuesday 21 February 2017

Canskate Challenge

The Canskate Challenge will be from 11am-2pm at the Bobcaygeon Arena.

For all competitors:
Please have your skater at the arena, at least 45 minutes before their scheduled time.  Events can run up to 1/2 hour early if we get ahead.  The skaters in the first event at 11am, only need to be there 1/2 hour early.  There is no admission charge for the event, and an event program will be for sale for $2.

When you get to the arena, you need to go upstairs to register your skate at the registration table.

The dressing rooms will be assigned by club, so once you are registered, you can head down to your club's dressing room.  There will be a person with a clip board in the lobby that will be checking off skaters who are soon to go on the ice.  You may check with this person, to see if they are running on time or not.  The dressing room person will ask you to stay in the dressing room when it is getting close for your skater to go on ice, so they can easily be found when it is time to line up to go on ice.  The dressing room person will not be able to go around the arena to find your skater, so please be sure to have them in the dressing room ready to go on.

Skaters are asked to wear clothing that allows them to move easily, but isn't so bulky that the judges can't see their movement.  Girls do not have to wear skating dresses, but if they do, please put a sweater on them so they don't freeze.  The skaters will be on ice for about 15-20 minutes, so please put mitts on them as well.  If they wear a helmet during their regular lessons, they need to wear it at this event as well.  

The skaters will be gathered up by the dressing room person and lined up in the lobby to get ready to go on ice.  There are 2 groups on ice at a time, and there are program assistants assigned to each group.  The skaters will be asked to follow the program assistant for a short skate, then the skaters will go to the warm up area to practice the elements.  The program assistants will be sure that your skater is where they are supposed to be on ice through out the event.  At the end of the event, all of the skaters in that flight will line up for a bow, so that everyone can give them a big round of applause.  

Once your skater is off the ice, please take off their skates, and then you can make your way upstairs.  Approximately 20 minutes after they are off ice, the certificates will be handed out upstairs.  Each skater in the flight will be called up to receive their certificate and Rosette for participating.  

Upstairs there will be a few things going on, like raffles, the skating club's small food both with a few different things, along with a selection of skating dresses for sale, that have been donated by a local lady.  The regular food booth will also be open.

This event is meant to be a fun way for the Canskaters to be introduced to a competition setting, without being ranked against each other.  Each skater will receive a report card on the 4 elements that they were asked to complete for the judges.  


Stage 6 Flight 1

Stage 6 Flight 2

Stage 5
Stage 4
12:00- 12:20
Stage 3 Flight 1

Stage 3 Flight 2

12:20- 12:40
Stage 3 Flight 3

Stage 3 Flight 4

Stage 2 Flight 1

Stage 2 Flight 2

1:00- 1:20
Stage 2 flight 3

Stage 1 flight 1


Stage 1 Flight 2

Stage 1 Flight 3

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